Frontline Nano

Frontline Nano is our group for young people in school years 7-9 (11-14 years old).


On Saturdays Frontline Nano runs from 7:30pm-9pm in the Church Building. The evenings are packed full of great games, activities and fun and provides an excellent place to learn more about who Jesus is and why he came.


On Sundays Frontline Nano alternates between being in the service and being out together as a group – you can find out which it is when you arrive by looking at The Week, our notice sheet. On the Sundays when they are in the service they will join the adults in taking part and listening to the sermon. The other┬áSundays they will head to Aletheia House┬áto be taught the Bible in a smaller group setting in a fun, accessible way.


This group is led by Phil & Peter

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