David & Debbie Woodard

Global Mission Partners in Europe and The Middle East

David and Debbie have served in England with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism since 1991. David pastored two church plants and two church restorations during that time. In January 2013 David was appointed the ABWE Director of Europe and the Middle East.

ABWE began in 1927 with evangelists and medical ministry in the Philippines.

There are now over 1,200 missionaries serving in over 70 countries.

In his current position David is based at ABWE International Headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the United States. Several times a year they travel to Europe and the Middle East to oversee the work, and meet with the Regional Administrators of their 3 areas of responsibility – Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

In the US they visit churches, mission conferences and Christian universities encouraging Christians to consider short term and career missions.

They are also involved with the mobilisation of new missionaries, pre-field training and assisting their transition to the field.