Isaac & Gloria Shaw

Global Mission Partners in North India

Isaac has served as Executive Director of Delhi Bible Institute and Senior Pastor of Bible Bhavan for over 25 years. Bible Bhavan is the church from which the Institute was established and now has several congregations (English, Hindi, Nepali and Urdu) totalling around 700 people. Isaac and Gloria live onsite at the Institute with Sarah and Isaac Jr, their older daughters, Myriam and Gloria are studying in the US. Delhi Bible Institute is based at Bible Bhavan. The centre accommodates fifty students and is used for regular residential courses and conferences in Hindi, Nepali and English, helping to prepare many for Christian service.

They are very active in pioneering work, opening up new fields in evangelism and church planting in Northern India.

There are currently 8 centres –New Delhi (1954), University Sub-Centre (1998), Chandauli Sub-Centre (2005), Dehradun (2006), Lucknow (2007) Ranchi (2011), Chandigarh (2013) and Jaipur (2017).

Northern India has a population of over 600 million, with only 0.23% Christians. There are still 2,500 unreached people groups and 300,000 unevangelised villages so the challenge is enormous.

The church in the Nation is fragmented and weak. Corruption that runs through the fabric of society, has also crept into the church. There is a lack of good Bible teaching and preaching resources available in the Hindi language, but God is at work! Small groups and churches are mushrooming all over the country. DBI plans for one Bible Training Centre in each of the twelve states, and there is much enthusiasm among new believers for training and evangelism.