Simon and Melanie Carey

Global Mission Partners in Thailand

For 17 years until 2014, Simon and Melanie Carey served as managers of the Juniper Tree, in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The Juniper Tree is a large Christian guest house complex, which aims to provide a place of rest and refreshment for Christian missionaries serving the Lord in Asia and the Far East, so that they can return to the mission field refreshed and restored for a new term of service.

Since 2014, Simon has taken on a new role in pastoring Chiang Mai Community Church, an English-speaking multi-national congregation with a significant proportion of missionaries and other ex-patriate residents.  In this role, Simon has been able to continue to serve the Lord in similar ways to when he and Mel were managing the Juniper Tree, most notably in exercising pastoral care and coming alongside a wide range of people.  Simon regularly preaches at the church.

Mel’s role has also changed since leaving the Juniper Tree, supporting Simon in his role at the church.

Simon and Mel have two teenage children, Elliot and Jemima. Elliot began studying at Nottingham University in September 2017.

The family come home for a holiday every summer and are often able to visit Christ Church during this time. They have two other supporting churches in Bristol.